WealthStone ARMADA was designed as a client-centered answer for building a multiple investment adviser solution.

The story behind Armada

WealthStone ARMADA took shape at the request of a tax client in 2009. The client had previously sold a business and allowed one adviser to manage the entire portfolio. Unfortunately, the advisor made some poor decisions and lost the bulk of portfolio assets. Ten years later, at the sale of his most recent company, he was determined that this time he would diversify his business sale proceeds between multiple advisors.

He asked WealthStone to build a solution that would allow him to diversify risk by having a team of advisors with different but complementary world views on managing investment portfolios, while holding each advisor accountable.

At one point, he simply said, "I have been a CEO for many companies in the past and understood that role. What I now want is for WealthStone to provide me the tools to be a productive CEO of my investment portfolios."

The three part Armada solution is the result:


Universal Investment Policy

Create a universal policy statement that could be used by any investment advisor, no matter their investment philosophy, that would hold all accountable to key portfolio metrics.


Objective Selection

Create an investment advisor vetting process that includes a formal Request for Proposal process that is easy to understand and contains objective advisor ranking tools. 


Advisor Accountability

Create a transparent "dashboard" reporting system for all of his investment assets so that he has only one report to review each quarter that stack ranks all investment advisors against the key metrics in the policy statement.