Advisor screening

For those who are evaluating advisors, WealthStone manages a Request for Proposal process for all advisor candidates with 50 key questions. An advisor comparison worksheet enables investors to stack rank advisor candidates. Each prospective advisor will submit a sample portfolio, which allows the investor to see what the advisor portfolio looks like before investing assets. Using the data submitted, a side-by-side advisors detailed fee analysis is created. 

This professional screening of current and new advisors gives guidance necessary over an informal self-search and avoids the prospect of being convinced by a slick sales pitch or being wooed or pressured based on prior relationships. Far too often, WealthStone has seen individuals or foundations being influenced by a familiar name, be it acquaintance or national firm. Instead of truly understanding how that advisor or broker invests money, the decision is made in the dark, blindly trusting.

We always like to encourage people to be trusting…but to always verify. We want to be in your corner, helping you verify the sales pitch, understand the nuts and bolts and make the appropriate fit for you. Instead of telling you what to do, we want you to be the CEO of your portfolio, having all the information necessary to make the right decision.