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Vetted Advisor Team

Objective Selection

Building the right investment advisor team is paramount to success. All too often, advisors are selected in an informal manner by asking a friend, professional advisor, websites or by simply assuming the large brand names equals quality.

In most cases, investment portfolios are built over decades through hard work and many sacrifices. ARMADA gives you the opportunity to select your advisor team with the same due diligence as a large institution putting the odds of success in your favor. With our process, each advisor will be vetted through:

  • 50 questions on topics such as: Investment Philosophy, decision-making process, research capabilities, etc.

  • Efficient advisor-comparison worksheet enables you to objectively score advisor candidates.

  • View side-by-side detailed advisor fees and portfolio expenses analysis.

  • Discovery of any conflict of interest issues for advisors whose compensation changes based on portfolio decisions.

  • When available, review advisor’s historical performance in various market cycles.