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Transparent reporting

Multi-Advisor Accountability

It's not about more or less information. It's about the right information in the right context. The goal is for you to fully understand your portfolios and be able to clearly measure ongoing results and hold all advisors accountable.

  • A consolidated, easy-to-read report of all your portfolios and advisor-specific reporting for efficient comparison.

  • One page dashboard reports condenses hundreds of pages into a few pages for efficient review.

  • Advisors are stack ranked by six key portfolio metrics that provide clarity on performance and portfolio risk taken by each advisor.

  • Annual advisor estimated tax cost report is available for taxable portfolios.

  • Quarterly reports are sent to all advisors, creating healthy competition.

  • Interactive online portal is updated daily and includes all key metrics for instant analysis.

  • Reports are flexible and are customized for each Armada investor.