universal investment policy

Our Universal Investment Policy Statement is a guided process to create one written set of portfolio instructions applicable to all advisors. It encouraged blending of multiple "investment philosophies" to enhance overall diversification and creates a common language to use across advisors. This IPS sets realistic portfolio return and risk expectations based on the "Stock-Bond" policy decision.

A universal portfolio "risk budget" is created for all advisors to follow, focusing on risk-adjusted returns. A total portfolio "Institutional Benchmark" results in maximum advisor accountability, with appropriate constraints such as spending policy, liquidity, taxes, etc.

Imagine going to a restaurant. The exterior is impeccable, the inside decorated with exquisite taste and table set elegantly. You sit down and pick up the menu and find it blank. Would you simply tell the waiter, “Bring me whatever the chef is making”? No, you would expect a menu of options and to be able to choose what fits your taste and price preference.

Our process to develop a Universal Investment Policy Statement is giving the advisors the menu of acceptable ingredients and processes and then allows them the flexibility to create a portfolio that fits your agreed upon parameters and their own investment philosophy.